Furever Homed

Check out the Tucker and Friends alumni who have already found their furever homes! For updates on these adorable animals, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@tuckerandfriendsrescue)!


Melky found an awesome home with Stefanie and has lots of little furry brothers and sisters to run around with! We are so happy for all of them and look forward to updates!


Bradley didn’t even make it out of the vet’s office before he found a home! Now named Geddy Lee, we know he will get lots of love from Rachel and her family!


Amanda fell in love with little Peyton before they even met each other. We are super excited these two found each other!


Ashley and Tessa fell in love with little Hayley as soon as they met her. We know they will all have a great time together, congrats!


Oh boy! Lucas found an awesome home with Chris. This little guy was thrilled to find a home where he is the center of attention!


Wow! Gabby (now Nala) found the purrfect home with Anthony and Amanda. She has two new furr-siblings and is loving every minute of it!

Oscar Orange

“I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and well-tempered cat!” said Sarah. Oscar found a great home and even has a few new four legged bark bark friends.


Fernando found the perfect home with Jim and his new brother Bernard. We are excited at the new big happy family!


So happy that Isaac found his forever home! He just knew that if he made enough noise someone would save him to help him find his new family!


Laney found a great home mid-December 2018 through our friends at Rescue Village in Geauga, Ohio. We are so happy for her and her new family!


Nix found a great home with Amanda and Mario! These two were so excited about adding another four legged fur baby to their family.


When Robyn met JoJo we knew they were going to be a great match. So happy for these two and congrats to JoJo on her furever home!


Lilly found her home with Sarah where we know she will have so much fun! These two will make a great pair!


Hooray for Emma! She found her new home with Sam and is doing great. Sam fell in love with this “empty nester” and just had to adopt her!


Guppy made it home with his new mom Lisa! This charmer will have absolutely no problem fitting in.


Maya and Phoenix found each other and couldn’t be happier. Phoenix is such a sweet kitty, she is the purrfect spot!


Winks went home with Maureen and is doing great! She loves to explore her new home and is thrilled with all of the new attention she is getting!


Sweet Sofia found her home with Sara and they seem like the purrfect match! This playful kitty is going to be thrilled in her new home!


Aw yay! Waffles found a great home through our friends at Rescue Village. From what we heard, it was an instant connection! He is off to his new home in Sebring, Ohio!


Hey, alright! Bernard found a home with Jim and the two have already become great pals. We wish them both the very best!

Connor and Bonnie

TEP favorites Connor and Bonnie found their home with Ben and we are thrilled. The three of them complement each other so well and we know they will be very happy!


Thea has found her furever home with Megan! Both are thrilled to have each other and we wish them so much happiness!


What a happy ending for Sam! He found a great and loving home with Eric and Mary and is eager to meet his new fur friends. We wish them them the best!


Yuki found his furever home with Connie! His playful personality and super cute meow instantly won her over. Now he can enjoy snow storms from INSIDE the house.


Dan and Kari fell in love immediately when they met Elliott. We couldn’t ask for a better home for this little guy and we know he will get all of the attention he needs. Every animal is special, but this guy beat the odds and we are so happy for Elliott!


Congrats to James who found his home with his brothers Jack and Ethan. Claudia and Lynn are SUPER lucky have these three added to their family.

Dee Dee

Nicole and her family were super excited to adopt Dee Dee (now Scarlet) into their home. Scarlet is thrilled to have new humans siblings Rex and Nora to play with and cuddle with everyday!


Collin found an awesome home with Brian, and even has a furr brother! We could not be more excited about this happy ending. We wish him lots of snuggles and cuddles!


It didn’t take long for Sophia to charm Priscilla. The two had an obvious connection at first sight and we know they will make an awesome pair. Sophia is super excited to explore her new home and loves all of the comfy beds!


Jack hit the road and found his way home with brothers Ethan and James! I think deep down he knew his cuteness would make it impossible to separate the three of them!


Darcy found her purrfect home with Jeff and we know the two are such a great match! She’s super playful and curious so we know that Darcy and Jeff will be very happy together!


Ethan played it cool and landed an awesome home with Claudia and Lynn. Ethan and his brothers Jack and James are going to the best life with their new family!

Peggy and Wendell

Peggy and Wendell have found their new beginning with Serena! We knew it was just a matter of time before these two found a loving home to call their own. These two will certainly be missed!


Simon found his furever home with Karen and her family. We are thrilled this guy finally came out of his shell to show the world how affectionate he can be. Congrats to Simon and Karen!


The “Unsinkable Molly Black” got her name by one of our vet’s at Big Creek and we thought it was great! When Kristy came looking for Masie, Molly said “take me with you too!” As is usually the case, it didn’t take much convincing at all! I mean, that face!


The Amazing Masie wasn’t even in our care for more than a week before Kristy fell in love with her. Kristy was on a mission to find a fur friend for her mom. We here at TEP have known Kristy for a long time and were so excited to work with her on this surprise!


Mickey charmed his new family after they had settled on taking his partner in crime, Moby, home. The two colluded by cuddling and purring their way into Darlene and Howard’s hearts. We couldn’t be happier for Mickey!


Moby’s charm won over Darlene and Howard pretty quickly. We knew finding him a purrfect home wouldn’t be an issue! We love when our kittens go in pairs and were thrilled when the family opted to include Mickey too!


Huey the cutie has found his new home! Christine was so happy to find Huey. We have no doubt he will be a great playmate to her cats Tipsy and Jazzy!

Johnny Pancakes

Hooray for Johnny! He found a new home with Christy and her family and we can’t be more thrilled. We know he will bring them tons of happiness!

Josie Pancakes

Josie is heading home for the 2017 holidays with Jacob and Barbara! We are so excited for to meet her new big doberman brother Boss and human brother Weston. We couldn’t be happier for Josie!

Jimmy Pancakes

Jimmy Pancakes has left the building! The Acosta’s family of 5 became a family of 6 and we couldn’t be happier. We are confident Jimmy will get all kinds of love and attention in his new home!


Edgar found his furever home with Nicole and Lily. We know he will love to play with his new family! Definitely a TEP favorite, he is so deserving of all the love and attention he is going to get!


Alfred found an amazing furever home with Karly! This kitten is so laid back, it didn’t take any convincing! There was no stopping this pair from getting together!


Guess what?! Jamo found a furever home with Seth, Aspen, Eden and Ava! We have no doubt he will get plenty of attention with his new family. Jamo has come such a long way and to say we are excited for this new beginning is a complete understatement!


Izzy found her furever home with John and Jess! She loves her new home, especially Clark!


There was no stopping Brenda and Dennis from getting Lucy. She is now home with her new fur family and enjoying every minute! She is definitely getting some much needed attention!


Mookie found a wonderful home with Hannah. His days of living in a field are long gone!


We are so proud of Oscar! Now named Bailey, he has found a loving home where he is getting A TON of attention.

Petey & Piper

Brenda fell in love with Petey and Piper the minute she saw them. We don’t think it took much convincing to get these two adorable siblings added to the family!


Chevy found his furever home with Megan and Tom and has been happy ever since. We are sure he loves his new home, it sure beats the car engine where he was found!


Matt (now Tyrian) has found his home with Emily and Karen. He has a few new brothers and is already having a great time running around!


Addy fell in love with Charlie from the pet store window and we knew it was a great fit. The family of four became a family of six when dad (Scott) was charmed by TEP’s other foster Loki. What a great story, congratulations!


Perry is on his way to his furever home in Upstate New York! Arriving for Thanksgiving 2017, we wish him and his new owner Tom congratulations!


Congrats to Cole’s new owners Emily and Patrick! We couldn’t ask for a happier ending for such an awesome guy!


Loki has found the purrfect family. It was pretty obvious Scott had his eyes on him as soon as he walked in (we will let you guess who was playing hard to get)! We know that Charlie and Loki will be furever happy with Scott, Stacey, Alex and Addy.