How to help

We are determined to provide the best care possible for all animals before they go to their new homes. While our donors are extremely generous and 100% of all donations go towards animal care, our hope is that through partnerships with local establishments we can leverage the following:

    • Discounted or complimentary services and procedures
    • Physical exams (including SNAP tests)
    • ¬†Vaccinations
    • ¬†Grooming
    • Spay/Neuter services
    • Rewards for high volume
    • Any other cost saving option!

Fostering is also a great way to get involved. TEP can always use additional supplies for both dogs and (primarily) cats such as:

    • Cat litter
    • Cat and Dog food
    • Puppy pads
    • Cotton/Paper towels
    • Pet safe cleaning products

We rely heavily on Social Media to find furever homes. Stay up to date and share our posts to all of our friends!